Our Missions

The missions of the CNSC are outlined in article 3 of Decree No.98/311 of 9 December 1998 reorganising the CNSC which stipulates that :

 The CNSC shall provide assistance and ensure the protection of shippers’ interests on the whole transport chain in view of contributing to the promotion of international trade.

To this effect, it shall:

  1.  research and make available to shippers any information necessary for them to carry out their activities;
  2. provide assistance to shippers by constituting their files and helping them through the various stages of their operations;
  3. work towards facilitating and simplifying transport and international trade procedures. In this respect, the CNSC shall manage the One-stop shop for foreign trade transactions.
  4. examine all freight related issues of a technical, legal and economic nature in view of adequately providing solutions to them.

Additionally, the CNSC is in charge of all actions capable of enhancing the promotion of the shippers’ profession in liaison with the competent public administrative organs and agencies.

Some of the objectives of the CNSC such as those related to the facilitation and simplification of trade and transport procedures have been modified by Decree No. 99/37 of 23 February 1999 revoking certain provisions of Decree No. 98/311 of 9 December 1998 that reorganised the CNSC. The main purpose of this amendment was to take out the management of the One-Stop-Shop for Foreign Trade Operations from the responsibilities of the CNSC.

Our vision

Enable each shipper to perform import and export operations with ease regardless of the mode of transport chosen and at an optimal cost.

Our overall mission

Contribute to increasing the competitiveness of shippers and best protecting their interests throughout the multimodal transport chain so as to enable them to effectively meet international trade challenges and demands.