Cameroon National
Shippers' Council


Practical information on transport and international trade put at the disposal of shippers and other partners.


Designing and offering training specialized modules periodically for shippers and other transport sector players.


Counselling, guiding and supporting shippers in their import-export activities in order to improve their performance.


A lot of logistics infrastructure is being developed to ease the flow of goods at borders and along transit corridors.

Accommodation Centres

Infrastructure put in place to ease traffic flow along the corridors.


Analysis of recent trends in international trade.


Facilities put in place to ease the movement of goods at borders.


Specialised training modules for shippers.

Transport Observatory

Monitoring multimodal goods transport chain.

Cameroon Trade Hub

External trade procedures in Cameroon.

Lastest News


The Minister of Arts and Culture at the Douala Maritime Museum.

On 20 April 2019, the CNSC General Manager unveiled this cultural sanctuary to his august guest. Mr. Auguste Mbappe Penda, CNSC General Manager and owner of the Douala Maritime Museum, welcomed Minister Pierre Ishmael Bidoung Mkpatt, in a festive atmosphere....

CNSC showcased in Nkongsamba

The Douala Maritime Museum: a great attraction at the 2019 Moungo Festival. Since 16 April 2019, the CNSC exhibition stand stood out in the Festival grounds. On 18 April, the Prime Minister, Head of Government personally chaired the official opening...