The 2022 Public Forum of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland under the theme "Towards a sustainable and inclusive recovery: ambition to action". This event which welcomes about 1,500 participants from around the globe each year started today, 27 September 2022, and ends on 30 September 2022.


The Cameroon National Shippers' Council (CNSC) is a regular participant at this annual event. However, its participation this year is quite peculiar as this is the first time it is moderating a world-class conference on “Supporting the Internationalization of MSMEs in their Post-Pandemic Recovery Efforts: Making Use of Trade Facilitation Experiences from Different Regions.”


The CNSC is represented at this Forum by Mrs. Dooh Ebelle Angèle Moudissa and Mr. Mvondo Ekanga Tobbie, CNSC Sub-Director of Trade Facilitation (Moderator) and CNSC Paris Office Representative (Speaker), respectively.


As a reminder, the Public Forum is the main annual communication event organized by the WTO. It provides a unique forum for governments, NGOs, businesses, students, etc. to meet and discuss a wide range of WTO issues and some of the most topical trade and development issues. 

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