The CNSC produces quarterly statistics on goods entering or leaving Cameroon by sea. In the nearest future, these statistics will also cover airfreight and land border transit goods.

The statistics produced provide detailed information on the nature of the goods traded, their volumes, prices, countries of origin or destination, ports of loading or unloading, carriers and information on freight paid.

These statistics help shippers looking for opportunities to diversify their products, markets and suppliers. They also use them to better conduct negotiations.

Teachers, researchers and students also use these statistics in carrying out their work.

Finally, decision-makers and economic divisions of embassies also use these statistics. For example, the National Institute of Statistics to produce some macroeconomic aggregates. Additionally, the CNSC is part of the National Trade Balance Technical Committee, the National Technical Committee for the Balance of Payments and the National Council of Statistics.

The statistics produced can be consulted on CNSC's information portal on foreign trade procedures link.